ControlMap uses an API token and a Username (preferably a service account) for a Confluence user to connect to confluence. 

ControlMap will have the same permissions as this user.

Step 1 - Creating an API Token in Confluence

Browse to the following link and click on Create API token button.

Name the token 'controlmap-api-token'

Onthe next screen COPY the token. You will provude 

Once you record the API token, In ControlMap browse to Integrations > Create New Integration > Confluence

Provide your email address and the API token created in the settings screen on ControlMap. 

Change the name of the integration to something you can relate to. 

Step 2 - Configuring ControlMap connector


Click connect to Confluence. If the connection is successful, you will be taken to the next screen from where you can exit.

This completes the connection between Confluence and ControlMap. 

Step 3 - Setting up the widget

In ControlMap browse to Policies > Actions > Add from Confluence

In the confluence content viewer provide the Page ID of a confluence page 


How to find a page ID of a confluence page 

Page Id  is a 8 digit number allocated to each Confluence page. (Some newer pages have 6 digits) There are more than one ways to find the pageID of theconfluence page 

1. From the Page Information screen

2. From the  page URL