Required Permissions 

Please ensure that you have admin or equivalent permissions to install Github Apps in your Github environment. You can read about installing Github Apps here.



ControlMap connects to your Github environment using a Github App that is installed in your Github environment. 

You can start by accessing the app URL here

You can follow the instructions for configuring and installing this app in your environment by clicking on the Configure button. If you do not see the button, ensure that you are logged into an organization account.

You will be guided through a series of steps such as 

1. Selecting the organization where you want to install the application (if you have access to more than one organization)

2. Approving the repositories and the User Permissions 

After completing these steps you will be redirected to the Github App home page. 

Once you have requested the installation, your Github admin (which in this case will be you) will receive an email to approve the installation of the ControlMap app.

You can follow the instructions in the email or directly go to

Organization > Settings > Installed Github Apps > Review Request 

The admin will than be able to review the request and install the application 

Once the application is installed, please make a note of the Installation Id from the URL as shown below. This is the installation Id you will provide in the ControlMap Github Integration screen to continue

Provide the installation id in the settings on the integration screen and click Create & Next to connect Github to ControlMap