Security questionnaires are an important tool used by companies to determine security practices of companies that they are choosing to business with. Each company can design or create their own security questionnaire to send out to vendor or partners, Controlmap's questionnare tool allows users to upload a these questionnaires and use pre-collected information to answer these questionnaires. 

Auditors also use questionnaires to conduct readiness assessments and security audits.

Creating Questionare

1. Go to Home > Audit Response > Questionnaires

2. Click on Start Response/Create Questionare response.

3. Provide the appropriate details to create a questionnaire. 

  • Name : Provide an appropriate name
  • Owner : Search and assign an owner to the questionnaire. 
  • Related regulatory framework  : Choose the appropriate regulatory framework that applies to the questionnaire.  
  • Click on Create program & Upload questionnaire now if you already have a questionnaire upload or Click on Create program and Upload questionnaire later if you don't have one to upload.

4. Upload questionnaire -

4.1 Choose a questionnaire to upload

4.2 Map the column header names to the appropriate questionnaire attributes and click Next.

4.3 Click next and Start Import

5. Review the uploaded questionnaire.

Create a Question

1. Go to Home > Audit Response > Questionnaires

2. Select a questionnaire.

3. Click on Add A Question

4. Provide relevant details to create a question.

  • Question - Enter the question that needed to be addressed. 
  • Requirement/Program Objective - Search and associate the objective to the question.
Linking the question to an objective will allow users to upload the evidence from the control while answering question, this should help speed-up the responses to the security questionnaries. 
  • Owner - Search and assign a owner to the question. 

5. Click Create Question.

Answer a Question

1. Go to Home > Audit Response > Questionnaires

2. Select a questionnaire and then select the question you want to work on.

Controlmap offers filtering of questions based on status and owner. 

3. Click in the answer section to provide an answer and click on the Save,  documents can uploaded using the document upload feature. Documents can also be uploaded from the linked control or from the document library.

Export Questionnaire 

1. Go to Home > Audit Response > Questionnaires

2. Select a questionnaire

3. Click on Export All and follow in-app link to the download the generated report.