Readiness Assessments help an organization gauge its readiness to meet and comply with a Regulatory Framework such as SOC 2, ISO-27001, etc. A Readiness Assessment consists of a series of questions that an organization can answer to determine its readiness level. After assessing readiness, an organization can tell where strengths and gaps exist allowing them to focus on the controls and areas that need attention. 


Creating Readiness Assessments

  1. Go to Assessments.                                                                                                
  2. Click on the New Readiness Assessment button.
  3. Click Start on the appropriate Assessment.
  4. Begin the Assessment after it loads, save, stop and return to complete as needed.

Begin Readiness Assessment then save, stop and return to complete at any time. 

Using Readiness Assessments

  1. Once you start a Readiness Assessment you will notice a series of questions being asked.
  2. The Assessment questions can be saved and edited at any time.
  3. Status and completion are tracked as you move through the Assessment.