User Overview

Users within ControlMap are where access to the ControlMap platform is managed. To add or manage users click on your profile icon in the bottom left of your screen then click "Settings" and "Teams".

Adding and Managing Users

Users can be added and managed within the User Teams Page.

Understanding user roles

Compliance Manager

Compliance managers have overarching access to the system except for account-level resources such as Billing and Subscription Management.

Compliance managers can perform all operations in the system and have access to all modules.

If a user needs access to frameworks, controls, risks, policies, 



The contributor role is meant for certain users to contribute only to a limited number of multiple policies, evidence, risks, or controls. 

Contributors can View, Edit, and Add content in ControlMap to what they are assigned.

Figure: Limited Contributor View

For example, if a contributor is assigned to a policy, that contributor would only view and edit that policy in their view.

In general, Contributors cannot delete content in the portal.


Auditor users are special users for the purpose of auditing only. These users have restricted permissions to the Audits data shared with them in the Audits workflow. 

Super Admin

Super admin is assigned to a single user in the organization and manages the subscription and relationship with ControlMap.